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No more opening countless tabs to book just one trip, now, you can manage every aspect of your journey through one integrated platform

POScore - Build better booking experiences

The core of our technology - POScore is the heart that powers all our customer websites. You just need one POScore Engine to power up your business to the support and growth TravelCore will provide for all your online operations. The ultimate modular dynamic package Booking Engine for Travel Agents and Tour Operators worldwide serving both Corporate and Leisure sectors allowing you to complete a booking flow in three easy steps - Search, book and pay, deliver and issue tickets/vouchers. POScore - an ideal and a must-have point of sale system for counter staff or call centre sales that meet the needs of your customers. It was developed exclusively to sell travel products in the most efficient way possible. Add DASHcore, WScore modules and functionality to deliver your requirements.

Available in 17 different languages, 7 major currencies, advanced filters, add discounts, promotional voucher codes with expiry management, customisable margin control and tiered commission values settable, full flexible and customisable booking and fraud check rule managements. Improved productivity, instant real time quote generation and email templates. End result is greater productivity and efficiency. Staffs trained in one system and no more manual spread sheets and time consuming reporting. Full automation with less or no diversion helping sale conversion and meeting the customers' needs.

One stop travel platform solution for agents to search and book flights, hotels, transfers, activities, tours and ancillary products in one transaction, whats more, has an added inbuilt CRM, you can manage your customers and enquiries from one centralised system. Effective increase in bookings and profits in turn. Dynamic Invoicing speeds up the booking journey, translates into accurate finance, and eliminates error. TravelCore automates this process so you can focus on one thing...winning!

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Dynamic packaging

  • Real time availability and pricing

  • Fast confirmation, full automated email delivery of final travel documents and vouchers

  • Retail Accounts and Corporate Accounts

  • Flight, hotel, transfer, excursions, car hire etc

  • Developed for both B2B and B2C

  • Quotation builder

  • Multi-Currency invoicing

  • Multi-Language invoicing

  • Integrated CRM system with marketing campaigns

  • Data export facility

  • User assigned roles

  • Automated Invoicing... the TravelCore way!

  • GDS Synchronization (Amadeus - Sabre - Travelport)

  • Leisure & Corporate Invoicing

  • Outstanding Reports

  • Dynamic Package invoicing options with per passenger split

  • Affiliate & Staff Commission ... Fully Automated!

  • Commission split on invoicing

  • Automatic identification of Branch and Agent

  • Flexible & Secure - Choice of integrated Payment solution to choose from a range of 20+ leading Payment Gateway Providers and Merchant Accounts including Worldpay, Stripe, Barclays.

Holidays Module

It's time for behavioural science to be used in travel to better influence the decision-making of travellers and meetings arrangers. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to change the world…or are they? Our expert algorithms best uses the how to influence travellers and optimise spend on a buidling a combined Dynamic Holiday package with pure customer selection of travel elements, be it the choice of flight they deserve or the exclusive hotel vacation they dreamed of.

Flight Module

Flight bookings[simple direct and open jaw upto 5 segments], with NDC airlines connected
A unique end-to-end solution that consolidates all your NDC, GDS, LCC Airlines on a single screen. A Platform which lets you connect with YOUR OWN Supplier Credentials NDC, LCC Carriers and GDS in a SINGLE SCREEN.
Access Multiple LCC Carriers like Indigo, Spicejet, FlyDubai, Air Arabia etc along with NDC carriers like Emirates, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Oman Air & many more Plus GDS (Sabre, Travelport & Amadeus) all using Travel Agency's own credentials.



  • Embrace IATA's NDC standard.

  • Unlock many benefits and personalized offers using new and innovative rich content for customer and travel Agents sourced from the Airlines Distribution platform directly.

  • And why we might not all be paying this month’s increase in BA’s Distribution Technology Charge.

  • Promises to offer a wider range of content and fares to corporate buyers./p>


GDS Synchronization (Amadeus - Sabre - Travelport)

Hotel and Ancillaries Modules

Hotel Module

Integrated XML/JSON connection with an extensive list of BedBanks such as HotelBeds, BedsOnline, DOTW, Travco,,multiple search and filter options search solutions on the market, providing flexibility, an enviable range of suppliers and integration, multi-functional and loaded with features tour operator or contracting your own hotel rates, allows you to integrate your own rates and availability too.

Ancillaries Module

Not just the main travel elements, POScore's ability never stops, whats more! Insurance, Transfers, activies, parking, carhire, excursions, themeparks, atraction tickets, name it - vast supplier base not only covers basics like flights, hotels, cruises and packages but an extensive range of ancillary services provides a great upselling opportunities.

TravelCore products and services saves you tons of hard work, it is easy to customize and it comes with hundreds of features.

TravelCore saves

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